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[audio]a las barricadas
canción de los muertos de cristo
Keywords: kropotkin
Downloads: 78
[movies]Greetings from San Diego
Keywords: Kropotkin; Mihai's mother; akrasspovik
Downloads: 36
[texts]Spirit of Revolt - Kropotkin
Political pamphlet
Keywords: Spirit of Revolt; Kropotkin
Downloads: 72
[texts]The Spirit of Revolt - Peter Kropotkin - Peter Kropotkin
The Spirit of Revolt, 1880 Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921)There are periods in the life of human society when revolution becomes an imperative necessity, when it proclaims itself as inevitable. New ideas germinate everywhere, seeking to force their way into the light, to find an application in life; everywhere they are opposed by the inertia of those whose interest it is to maintain the old order; they suffocate in the stifling atmosphere of prejudice and traditions...
Keywords: Kropotkin; Anarchism; Anarchy; Revolution
Downloads: 63
[texts]Petr Kropotkin Campi, Fabbriche Ed Officine
Keywords: petr kropotkin; anarchismo; organizzazione
Downloads: 31
[texts]Piotr Alexeievic Kropotkin Memorie Di Un Rivoluzionario
memorie di un rivoluzionario
Keywords: anarchia; kropotkin; rivoluzionario
Downloads: 33
[texts]Peter Kropotkin entry on 'anarchism' from the Encyclopaedia Britannica (eleventh ed.) - Peter Kropotkin
Anarchism is "the name given to a principle or theory of life and conduct under which society is conceived without government - harmony in such a society being obtained, not by submission to law, or by obedience to any authority, but by free agreements concluded between the various groups, territorial and professional, freely constituted for the sake of production and consumption, as also for the satisfaction of the infinite variety of needs and aspirations of a civilized being."
Keywords: kropotkin; anarchism; britannica
Downloads: 661
[texts]Petr Kropotkin Ai Giovani
Petr Kropotkin Ai giovani
Keywords: Petr Kropotkin; Anarchia; Anarchismo; Italiano
Downloads: 14
[texts]Spirit of Revolt - Kropotkin.
Political Pamphlet.
Keywords: Kropotkin; anarchism; Spirit of Revolt
Downloads: 147
[movies]Anonymous - The Spirit of Revolt - Anonymous
This is a Message of anonymous, to the People of the World. There are periods in the life of human society when revolution becomes an imperative necessity, when it proclaims itself as inevitable. Text written by the famous philosopher and scientist "Peter Kropotkin".Read by Anonymous, Video by Anonymous.You can read the text at the anarchist archives:http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_Archives/kropotkin/spiritofrevolt.htmlWe are Anonymous...
Keywords: Anonymous; Hacker; Message; Revolution; Kropotkin
Downloads: 4,232
[texts]Kropotkin, Petr: Pole, Továrny A Dílny - palashproduction
Kniha ruského anarchisty, antropologa a sociologa. 
Keywords: kropotkin anarchismu anarchismus sociologie politologig antropologie
Downloads: 12
[texts]Ḳropoṭḳin's lebens-beshraybung - Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1842-1921
Translation of: Memoirs of a revolutionist
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1842-1921; Anarchists
Downloads: 78
[texts]ropoin's lebens-beshraybung - Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kniaz, 1842-1921
Translation of: Memoirs of a revolutionist
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kniaz, 1842-1921; Anarchists
Downloads: 49
[texts]Anarsi - Felsefesi Ideali
anarsi - felsefesi ideali pyotr kropotkin
Keywords: anarsi; kiyamet; kropotkin; felsefesi; ideali; pyotr
Downloads: 571
[texts]Ḳropoṭkin zamlbukh geṿidmeṭ dem 25-ṭn yortsayṭ zinṭ dem ṭoyṭ fun P. A. Ḳropoṭḳin - Sigal, Jacob
Electronic reproduction
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1842-1921; Anarchism
Downloads: 78
[audio]Marxismanarchismhalifax - Platypus Affiliated Society
Marxism and Anarchism: Radical Ideologies Todaya moderated panel discussionArchibald Room, University of King's CollegeSaturday, 1 February 2:00pm - 4:00pmHosted by Dalhousie-King's PlatypusSponsored by the King's Student Union and Dalhousie Student Union Panelists: Eva Curry - StandChristoph Lichtenberg - International Bolshevik Tendency  Chris Parsons - student activistAlex Khasnabish - The Radical Imagination Project, Mount Saint Vincent University Description: It seems that th...
Keywords: October Revolution; student politics; Zapatista; Kropotkin; Lenin
Downloads: 90
[texts]Sbornik state posviashchenny pamiati P.A. Kropotkina - Borovo, Alekse Alekseevich, 1876-
Half-title: Petr Kropotkin
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kniaz, 1842-1921
Downloads: 388
[audio]The Conquest of bread - Peter Kropotkin
LibriVox recording of The conquest of bread by Peter Kropotkin. Read by Enko. In this work, Kropotkin points out what he considers to be the fallacies of the economic systems of feudalism and capitalism, and how he believes they create poverty and scarcity while promoting privilege. He goes on to propose a more decentralised economic system based on mutual aid and voluntary cooperation, asserting that the tendencies for this kind of organisation already exist, both in evolution and in human soci...
Keywords: audiobooks; librivox; literature; kropotkin; politics; philosophy
Downloads: 14,440 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Errico Malatesta Anarchists the War and Their Principles a4
The Anarchist Library: Errico Malatesta Anarchists the War and Their Principles a4
Keywords: kropotkin; anarchists; anarchist; comrades; socialists; anarchism; gaolers; capitalists; capitalist; triumph; sociali april; peter kropotkin
Downloads: 23
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Voltairine de Cleyre The Making of an Anarchist a4
The Anarchist Library: Voltairine de Cleyre The Making of an Anarchist a4
Keywords: anarchist; anarchists; anarchism; voltairine; kropotkin; cleyre; communist; asserted; tolstoy; common
Downloads: 17
[texts]The Anarchist Library: George Woodcock Reflections on decentralism a4
The Anarchist Library: George Woodcock Reflections on decentralism a4
Keywords: decentralist; decentralism; communes; men; established; communities; kropotkin; centralization; utopian; autonomous
Downloads: 16
[audio]UNS AYUDA MUTUA - Daniel Maurizio
Programa de Radio. Conduce, produce y edita:  Daniel Maurizio.Tema: El apoyo mutuo o ayuda mutua. Este es un término que describe la cooperación, reciprocidad, y el trabajo en equipo significa un beneficio mutuo para los individuos cooperantes. Es una expresión utilizada en la teoría de organizaciones y en el plano económico y político es uno de los principales enunciados del anarquismo. El príncipe1 (kniaz) Piotr Alekséyevich Kropotkin (en ruso: Пётр Алексеевич К...
Keywords: Piotr Alekséyevich Kropotkin; apoyo mutuo; ayuda mutua; anarcocomunismo
Downloads: 2
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin On Order a4
The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin On Order a4
Keywords: negation; disorder; anarchist; order; harmony; bourgeois; word; anarchy; buried; kropotkin
Downloads: 19
[audio]Marxism and anarchism (Platypus International Convention) - Platypus Affiliated Society
Platypus Affiliated Society Sixth Annual International Convention 5-6 April 2014 School of the Art Institute of Chicago Saturday, April 5, 2014 Dimitrios Roussopoulos (Transnational Institute of Social Ecology)Tarek Shalaby (Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt))Joshua Stephens (Institute for Anarchist Studies)Description: It seems that there are still only two radical ideologies: Anarchism and Marxism...
Keywords: Platypus; Marxism; anarchism; Institute for Anarchist Studies; Bakunin; Kropotkin; Zapatista
Downloads: 38
[texts]Lettre Ouverte a P. Kropotkine - Ghe, Alexandre
Labadie Pamphlet Collection
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni͡azʹ, 1842-1921; Anarchism; Lausanne, Switzerland
Downloads: 71
[audio]La vigencia del pensamiento de Kropotkin - LaMalatesta
Presentación de los libros: La Moral anarquista y La conquista del pan, por Frank Mintz. (30-oct-2008) Llamándonos anarquistas declaramos por adelantado que renunciamos a tratar a los demás como nosotros no quisiéramos ser tratados por ellos; que no toleramos ya la desigualdad, lo cual permitiría a alguno de entre nosotros ejercitar la violencia o la astucia o la habilidad del modo que nos desagradaría a nosotros mismos...
Keywords: kropotkin; frank mintz; lamalatesta; moral anarquista; conquista pan
Downloads: 276
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin War a4
The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin War a4
Keywords: kings; production; supremacy; economic; german; war; france; misery; kropotkin; bugle
Downloads: 15
[audio]49 El Gran Kilombo Piotr Kropotkin - El Gran Kilombo Antifascista
El Gran Kilombo Antifascista. Hablando sobre Piotr Kropotkin, su vida, su obra y su pensamiento revolucionario. Aquí presentamos un programa más dedicado a la historia y pensamiento anarquista, después de haber revisado los antecedentes históricos del pensamiento anarquista, pasando por Pierre Joseph Proudhon y Mijaíl Bakunin, la Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores, el 1o de mayo en Chicago, llegamos a la vida, obra y pensamiento del anarquista ruso Piotr Kropotkin, con quien se ...
Keywords: Radio anarquista; El Gran Kilombo Antifascista; Anarquismo; Kropotkin
Downloads: 18
[texts]Comrade Kropotkin - Robinson, Victor. [from old catalog]
Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni͡azʹ, 1842-1921. [from old catalog]
Downloads: 269
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Wayne Price What is Anarchist Communism a4
The Anarchist Library: Wayne Price What is Anarchist Communism a4
Keywords: communist; communism; kropotkin; anarchist; marx; bakunin; phase; libertarian; labor; anarchists; lower phase
Downloads: 17
[texts]Album die Beerdigung von P.A. Kropotkin in Moskau : Album of the Funeral of P.A. Kropotkin in Moscow - Rocker, Rudolf, 1873-1958
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni͡azʹ, 1842-1921; Anarchism; Obituaries; Photographs; Foreign Bureau Confederation Anarcho-Syndicalists; Berlin, Germany
Downloads: 138
[audio]Etica Kropotkin ELAS - Radio QK.
Audio de la presentacion del libro: "LA ETICA DE KROPOTKIN" por Alex Alfaro Blanco (Aldarull edicions), dentro de las Jornadas del Libro Anarquista de Salamanca 2013.
Keywords: radioqk; radioqk; Feria; Libro; Anarquista; Salamanca; Kropotkin Alex; Alfaro; Blanco; Etica
Downloads: 20
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Alexander Berkman Some Reminiscences of Kropotkin a4
The Anarchist Library: Alexander Berkman Some Reminiscences of Kropotkin a4
Keywords: kropotkin; anarchist; peter; revolution; visit; presence; ukraina; verats; berkman; petrograd; political party
Downloads: 19
[audio]208 Anhedonia. De Los Minijobs Al Anarquismu Hai Un Pasu 13 2 14 - El Anhedónicu Miserable
 Cuando l'Anhedónicu Miserable y el Trobador se xunten delantre los micrófonos de Radio QK mete miéu al espantu pensar nes temátiques de les que pue falase. Esta nueche entama'l programa falando de minijobs y situaciones llaborales, eso lleva a falar de la sanidá, la educación, el latrociniu, alderícase alrodiu de lo público, de lo privao, de la llucha de clases, de les castes, del estáu, del capitalismu, del lliberalismu, del anarquismu, de les persones.....
Keywords: radio qk; radioqk; minijob; educacion; sanidá; capitalismu; comunismu; estáu; robu; kropotkin; individualismu
Downloads: 4
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin Proposed Communist Settlement A New Colony for Tyneside or Wearside a4
The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin Proposed Communist Settlement A New Colony for Tyneside or Wearside a4
Keywords: communist; anarchist; kropotkin; communal; community; colony; small; life; chances; communities; small communal
Downloads: 10
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin Advice to Those About to Emigrate a4
The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin Advice to Those About to Emigrate a4
Keywords: kropotkin; anarchist; labor; colony; australia; privations; civilised; emigrate; argentina; intensive; small communal
Downloads: 14
[audio]Wilhelm Reich and the Orgonomy of Anarchism - Panopticon Podcast
This episode is about the work of Wilhelm Reich, including functionalism, the "function of the orgasm," the psychology of fascism, Orgone energy. It also explores anarchism and the ways in which Reich's work corresponds to anarchist theory.
Keywords: WIlhelm Reich; Orgonomy; Orgone; Orgasm; Anarchism; Emma Goldman; Proudhon; Kropotkin; Berkman
Downloads: 641
[audio]'Babysteps LP' Rough-Cut (Sun-Lit Recordings) - the People Helping People creative collective
These are a few tracks that we have been putting together for our next album, which is tentatively titled 'Babysteps'. A few notes on the original authors of all this work; The remix of 'Cryin Shame' contains a drum sample which is inspired by but not jacked from Vaughan Mason & The Crew, from a song called 'Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll' - and all music for the song "The Plains of Juarez", "Rich Old Man", and "Running Away From Home" were written by one of our axe-maestros, Big Fuzz...
Keywords: people; helping; socialism; marx; produhon; kropotkin; experimental; music; radio; psychedelic; dead; rock; queer; dj
Downloads: 75
[texts]Georg Brandes un Peṭer Ḳropoṭḳin - Grosman, Ṿladimir, 1884-1976
Added t.p.: Georg Brandes et Peter Kropotkine
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1842-1921; Brandes, Georg Morris Cohen, 1842-1927; Anarchism
Downloads: 133
[texts]Kropotkin: The Man and His Message - Swan, Tom
Labadie Pamphlet Collection
Keywords: Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni͡azʹ, 1842-1921; Anarchism; Freedom Office; London, England, United Kingdom
Downloads: 130
[texts]A History Of Socialist Thought Volume II - Marxism and Anarchism 1850-1890 - G.D.H. Cole
G.D.H. Cole's second volume in his A History of Socialist Thought series, this volume focusing on marxism and anarchism from the mid-to-late 1800's.
Keywords: anarchism; socialism; state socialism; marxism; libertarian socialism; communism; free communism; paris commune; libertarian communism; bakunin; mikhail bakunin; kropotkin; history; Marx
Downloads: 169
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin Communism and Anarchy a4
The Anarchist Library: Petr Kropotkin Communism and Anarchy a4
Keywords: communism; anarchist; liberty; communities; bourgeois; founded; kropotkin; individual; society; communist; individual liberty; communities founded; small communal; absolutely free
Downloads: 21
[audio]076 - Bobby Blackwolf Show - Week of December 31, 2006 - Bobby Blackwolf Show
In a special extended-length Free Play Friday edition of the The Bobby Blackwolf Show, Blackwolf is joined by All Games Radio's Kropotkin and Hendrix for a look back at the year 2006 month by month. What rumors turned out to be false? What rumors turned out to be true? Do we really have it in for Sony, or did they earn their reputation each month? Can we work any more inside jokes from other All Games programs into the show? It's two and a half hours of reflection and looking forward to what 200...
Keywords: Bobby Blackwolf Show; video; games; gaming; all; games; radio; kropotkin; hendrix; microsoft; xbox; 360; nintendo; wii; sony; ps3; e3
Downloads: 1
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Emma Goldman My Further Disillusionment in Russia a4
The Anarchist Library: Emma Goldman My Further Disillusionment in Russia a4
Keywords: revolution; bolshevik; russia; anarchists; communist; russian; bolsheviki; anarchist; moscow; revolutionary; communist party; russian revolution; trade union; third international; soviet government; trade unions; russian people; social revolution; peter kropotkin
Downloads: 30
[texts]The Anarchist Library: James Pendlebury Tangled Threads of Revolution a4
The Anarchist Library: James Pendlebury Tangled Threads of Revolution a4
Keywords: anarchist; fdca; class; kropotkin; anarchists; revolutionary; organisation; anarchism; marxists; zacf; class struggle; working class; fdca points; van der; mass organisation; der walt; anarchist movement; material conditions; mass anarchist; hierarchical authority
Downloads: 31
[audio]Libertaerer Podcast - Monatsrueckblick Maerz 2014 - Anarchistische Radiogruppe
Ernster und satirischer Blick auf Ereignisse des letzten Monats aus libertaerer Perspektive. Vom Anarchistischen Radio Berlin. Feedback und Kommentare bitte an: aradio-berlin/at/riseup(.)net Inhalte: * Hambacher Forst: Repression und Raeumung * Papenburg: Streik mal anders * Berlin: Karin Kramer ist tot * Ueberwachung: NSA und Co. * Betrug allenthalben * Bewegende Geschichte: Freedom * Wo herrscht Anarchie * Linktipp: zwangsraeumungverhindern.blogsport.de
Keywords: Radio; Anarchismus; Berlin; Hambacher Forst; Repression; Besetzung; Kohle; Papenburg; Streik; Werft; Karin Kramer; Verlag; Nachruf; Bibliothek der Freien; Ueberwachung; NSA; NSU; CIA; GCHQ; Geschichte; Freedom; Kropotkin; London; Bayern; Zwangsraeumungen; Linktipp
Downloads: 424
[texts]What is Anarchism-An Introduction
What is Anarchism-An Introduction
Keywords: anarchists; anarchist; anarchism; freedom; human; society; anarchy; social; government; malatesta; errico malatesta; anarchist movement; human beings; homicidal outrage; freedom press; social life; peter kropotkin; young anarchists; political parties; anarchist groups
Downloads: 16
[texts]Anarchism-beginners guide
Anarchism-beginners guide
Keywords: anarchist; anarchists; anarchism; anarchy; kropotkin; social; revolutionary; guide; argued; freedom; anarchist rejections; civil disobedience; direct action; general strike; stateless societies; bear city; anarchist schools; practical anarchism; guerrilla warfare; anarchist ideas
Downloads: 61
[audio]NELCA - Outubro Vermelho & Negro - Radio da Juventude
No dia 11 de Outubro de 2014, no Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos de Santos, iniciou o curso aberto e gratuito “Outubro Vermelho & Negro – Precursores do Anarquismo”.Foram 3 dias de curso (3 Sábados seqüenciais), onde foram abordadas trajetória & atuação de alguns dos principais expoentes da história do anarquismo. No primeiro dia recebemos o professor Alexandre Samis que falou sobre Pierre-Joseph Proudhon & também o professor Sergio Norte que falou sobre Mikhail Bakunin...
Keywords: nelca; núcleo de estudos libertários; carlo aldegheri; santos; baixada santista; brasil; outubro; vermelho e negro; anarquismo; anarquia; sindicato; metalurgicos; pierre joseph proudhon; proudhon; mikhail bakunin; elisée reclus; piotr kropotkin; errico malatesta; emma goldman; biblioteca terra livre; faísca; editora; educação; pesquisa; oasl; socialismo libertário
Downloads: 4
[texts]Dig It! Press: Wake of the Flood journal - Dig It! Press
Dig It! Press - Wake of the Flood journal - October 2013A collection of work inspired by experiences of the flooding in Boulder, CO; an effort in community documentation and archive.Please download and distribute at will.  The rights of the work belongs to the artists.  For physical copies, mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope $3 toDig It! Press8 E1st Ave.Denver, CO80203Nico Dagaz-At The Mercy of the Rains-FloodDouglas Campbell-A Waiting RiverMary-Laurence Bevington-A Poem for the Spac...
Keywords: poetry; flood; colorado; boulder; front range; naropa; archive; document; documentary; archival; allen ginsberg; jack kerouac; gregory corso; slam; coffee; anne waldman; william s. burroughs; harry smith; letterpress; typeset; typeface; font; coffee; Summer Writing Program; Diggers; Dig it; press; publishing; dig; it; travelling; freight train; anarchism; occupy; grateful dead; haight-ashbury; emma goldman; kropotkin
Downloads: 34
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